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SMVDU Organizes Seminar on Patent Filing and Startup

28022023 patentDr. Adarsh Kumar Pandey, Professor at the Research Centre for Nano-Materials and Energy Technology, Sunway University, Malaysia, delivered an online seminar titled “Mentorship Support in Patent Filing and Startup” under the institutional innovation council. The seminar provided professional and career development opportunities for both teachers and students and gave them hands-on experience in drafting patents and an overview of the patent filing procedure. Its aim was to encourage faculty and students to file patents for their projects and future startups. The session was highly interactive, and Dr. Kapil Chopra and Dr. Yatheshth Anand acted as the Convener and Co-Convener of the seminar. They facilitated the query session and expressed their appreciation for Dr. Pandey’s informative and thought-provoking presentation and the active participation of the attendees.



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