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SMVDU Students Visit CIIIT Jammu

28062022 newsciit

The industrial visit was conducted by the School of Mechanical Engineering, SMVD University, at the CIIIT Centre, Jammu in which forty-five students in the 2nd year along with senior professors and the workshop instructor visited the centre at Government Polytechnic, Jammu.The students from SMVDU visited all the 9 competency centres led by OIC from Tata Technologies Ltd. and Subject Matter Experts. The CIIIT Team informed them about the competency centres. The faculty members, SMVDU, thanked the CIIIT Team for making this programme so informative and interesting for the students and faculty.The visit was organized by Dr. Ankush Anand,Dr. Sanjay Mohan Sharma and Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Faculty, School of Mechanical Engineering.



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