SMVDU-TBIC launches “Innovation Challenge 2017- II”

SMVDU Katra: In continuation to its efforts to promote entrepreneurship and bring forward innovative ideas from remotest of the places, especially from Jammu and Kashmir, SMVDU-TBIC (Technology Business Incubation Center) launches the 4th call to seek innovative ideas through “innovation challenge 2017 Phase II”. The main purpose of the call is to motivate grass-root innovators from the State to come forward, irrespective of their background, and share their ideas. The ideas can be submitted online on their web-portal till January 31, 2018. SMVDU TBIC provides all sorts of help, from prototype building, to convert potential novel ideas as successful businesses. In the support to the efforts, SMVDU-TBIC is also working towards development of a basic interdisciplinary research facility called “Tinkering Lab” in the University. The Lab will be enriched with all basic equipments related to various fields, computational facilities as well as some advanced equipments like 3D printers, Multi-layer circuit printer, Fabrication facility etc. Additionally, members also have access to state-of-the-art research facilities at SMVDU for specialized requirements. The purpose of the lab would be providing students/members, irrespective of their designations, a 24×7 unsupervised access to the facility to develop preliminary ideas and test prototypes.

For securing such ideas and prototypes, SMVDU-TBIC is also working towards facilitation of such ideas and innovations to be patented. SMVDU has recently revised its IP policy and developed an IP management and Standing Committee (IPMSC). The committee will develop procedures to for execution of activities related to IP management like Patent filing as well as commercialization like Technology transfer etc. The expenditure related to promotion and realization of such activities is borne by SMVDU-TBIC. In 2016-2017 SMVDU has filed more than 10 patents and more than 5 are in pipeline to be patented with facilitation from IPMSC.

SMVDU-TBIC has been successful in helping convert some of the innovative ideas, from various locations and institutions from the country to be established as startups. 13 such ideas are now registered as companies with ministry of corporate affairs, Government of India. Amongst these, Govt. of India has recognized 6 of the ideas as startups and evaluation of others is in process. For the benefit of all, SMVDU-TBIC has kept its online application portal open 24×7 at its website Techno-preneurs from all across the country are welcome to participate and for any enquiries can contact SMVDU-TBIC. The Incubator is working with Grant-in-aid jointly from NSTEDB, DST, MoST, Government of India and Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. The incubator in addition to providing mentorship is also facilitating financial assistance to the incubatees. SMVDU-TBIC also has been designated by GoI as one of the incubators for providing recommendation letters to Startups to avail benefits under Startup India Initiative of Government of India.



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