SMVDU-Technology Business Incubation Centre startup “Nentoir” makes to Top 50 startups

nentoirNentoir Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an SMVDU-TBIC incubated start-up has made to the list of Top 50 Startups, shortlisted from the pool of more than 2500 innovative startups in India. SMVDU-TBIC nurtures innovations, provides financial as well as legal support and helps entrepreneurs develop technology-based ideas into independent self-sustaining businesses. Nentoir Technologies is involved in developing integrated tech platforms to realise the vision of smarter cities, towns and villages across India. Their tech makes would make it easier for organisations to solve complex problems in an easier and efficient way. Nentoir uses technologies including GIS, AI and IoT for precise and optimum solutions. The tech idea is anticipated to help governments and private organisations in sectors like Infrastructure, Healthcare, Defense, Agriculture, Water resources etc. Presently, Ishan Verma, CEO of Nentoir Technologies is attending a boot camp conducted by IIM Ahmedabad for the shortlisted top 50 startups.SMVDU-TBIC is actively engaged in identifying such potential Entrepreneurs in North India, especially in the State of Jammu-Kashmir. SMVDU-TBIC has kept its online application portal ( open 24×7 for preliminary applications.Presently, more than 14 Tech startups are already established and actively working in the incubator and 10-15 more ideas are anticipated to be established as SMVDU-TBIC incubated start-ups by the end of this year. Techno-preneurs from all across the state are welcome to participate and for any enquiries can contact SMVDU-TBIC.



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