21092022 news1

Solar Man of India delivers lecture on Energy and Climate Change at SMVDU

21092022 news1

21092022 news2Prof.Chetan Singh Solanki delivered an expert lecture on Energy and Climate Change at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University. The event was organised by TBIC, SMVDU and School of Energy Management and was attended by students, scholars, faculty and staff. The speaker talked on energy demand, climate change and carbon dioxide emission. He discussed that the climate change is threatening not only sustainable life but the sustainability of life on the planet. Prof. Solanki is an educator, researcher, innovator, and happiness program teacher of Art of Living. He has undertaken Energy Swaraj Yatra from November`2020 through a solar bus for 11 years, until 2030. He emphasized that solution lies in adopting Energy Swaraj or generating and consuming energy locally. In the wake of serious and catastrophic climate change, this Energy SwarajYatra is designed with the purpose to create a public movement towards adoption of 100% solar energy.Following Gandhian ideals, he has coined the word ‘Energy Swaraj’ and to establish Energy Swaraj globally he has founded the Energy Swaraj Foundation (ESF). Prof.R.K.Sinha, Vice Chancellor SMVDU in his inaugural address highlighted the need of solar energy for sustainable environment. The programme was coordinated by Dr. Ashutosh Vaishstha, Associate Professor School of Business, Dr. Vineet V. Tyagi, I/c Head, School of Energy Management and Dr. Sanjeev Anand, Assistant Professor, School of Energy Management.



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