04042022 news

The NSS SMVDU in collaboration with ‘Climate Front Jammu’ organized a cleanliness drive at a nearby hill under the campaign “Save the Mountains”

04042022 news

Thirty NSS volunteers and 5 members of Climate Front Jammu participated in the event with great enthusiasm. The team collected mainly plastic wastes including plastic bottles and chips wrappers. The event lasted for more than 2 hours in the early morning. The NSS Volunteers Pranav Sharma and Harshita led the NSS participants while Rajeshwari led the participants of Climate Front Jammu. The NSS Programme Coordinator, SMVDU Dr Rajiv Kumar and Head, Climate Front Jammu, Mr Aditya Khajuria, appreciated the efforts of the team members., and they believe that there is a requirement for more drives and awareness of local residents.



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