01092022 nssVikalp

Vikalp and NSS at SMVDU conducted Literacy Campaign

01092022 nssVikalp

Vikalp, a student-led initiative to educate the needy at SMVD University along with NSS, conducted a campaign in the local colonies and adjoining villages of the campus to inform the parents and the students about the reopening of Vikalp activities. The volunteers campaigned to convince the parents and guardians to let their children join the Vikalp program. The volunteers introduced different activities, including literary education, sports, career counselling, computer literacy, and extra-curricular activities that are routinely conducted on the SMVDU campus. The volunteers also raised awareness about the importance of education and healthcare within the adjoining community under the aegis of Shikshit Bharat. The approach to education at Vikalp not only helps engage kids for their holistic development and growth but also proves to be a happy place for kids. Vikalp’s commitment to social justice, sustainable development, gender equality, and human rights for all helps concrete the efforts under the university’s social service responsibility.



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