01012022 vikalp

Vikalp Celebrates Christmas and New Year 2022

01012022 vikalp

Vikalp, a student’s initiative, has been celebrating festivals, organizing events and sharing smiles since the re-opening of SMVD University (SMVDU) in September 2021. In this vein, Vikalp celebrated a New Year Eve 2022.The event started at 2:15 pm with the hall all filled in with the adorable kids and some guests. The event took a pick with two volunteers dressed as Santa, brought gifts and distributed them among the kids.

Taking further, the event started with a dance performance on an Indian hip-hop Christmas mix, by secondary class students. The next was the Christmas mythic story presented on a projector. The event proceeded with a game called ‘sit-stand’. Poetry recitation and dance performance added fun spirits for the kids. Shri SS Sharma, Faculty Coordinator Vikalp, SMVDU awarded student volunteers. He thanked everybody for the support and congratulated the volunteers for the successful organisation of the event. On the last note Vikalp thanks everybody for all the support and contribution. A special thanks to the contributors for the months of November and December for generous donations to the needy.



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