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Webinar on “Women saints, scholars and philosophers of Kashmir” organised by SMVDU & IGNCA

20092021 Photo

SMVD University, in collaboration with IGNCA Regional Centre (J&K), organized a webinar on “Women saints, scholars and philosophers of Kashmir” on 19th September 2021. Sh. Sumanta Sarthi Sharma, Faculty Coordinator, Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat, SMVD University, welcomed the speakers.

Among the learned speakers were Dr. Virendra Bangroo, Director, IGNCA Regional Centre, SMVDU Campus; Smt.Dolly Tikoo ‘Arwaal’, Poet; Sh. Narindra Safaya, President, ‘Heritage Kashmir’, Writer & Author; Sh. Inayat Gul, General Secretary, ‘Kashmir Markazi Adab va Sakafat’, Poet and Author; Smt. Ujjwal Handoo, Writer, Author; Ms. Aroosa Ashraf, Writer & Author; Sh.Chashool Mahaldar, Artist & Filmmaker; Sh. Ali Ahsan, Writer and Author ; Ms. Deeba Nazir Khan, Writer and Sh. Sunil Raina Rajanaka , Artist, Writer.

Dr. Virendra Bangroo said that in Indian tradition, women are held in high esteem and have contributed to every walk of life. Smt. Dolly Tikoo Arwaal, recited the Vaak of Lal Ded in her beautiful voice. She briefly described women saints and philosophers of Kashmir.Sh Narinder Safaya said that we have a complete chronology of rulers but not our women saints and scholars. Sh. Inayat Gul said there was no gender discrimination in Rishi order. Smt Ujjwal Handoo talked about the Vedic, Trika, and Upanishad impact on the sayings of Lal Ded.

Miss Aroosa Ashraf said that Lal Ded was the first mystic poetess of Kashmir and one could infer from her saying that women in Kashmir were liberal and received an education. Sh. Chashool Mahaldar shared his experiences while directing a documentary for IGNCA. He emphasized the need to create awareness about the composite culture of Kashmir. Sh. Ali Ahsan gave a detailed account of women disciples of Sheikh Noor U din.Ms. Deba Nazir said that there have been women empowerment in Kashmir for ages, and women contributed in all spheres of life.Sh. Sunil Raina Rajanaka said that Kashmir is the land of the Mother goddess and her shrines are all over the valley.



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