10062020 webinarJyoti

Webinar Session on ‘Corporate Readiness’ held at School of Business, SMVDU

10062020 webinarJyoti

A Webinar Session of Ms. Neha Maheshwari, Manager-External Affairs, Bennett University (Times of India Group) was conducted for the Management Students of School of Business. She took the session on ‘Corporate Readiness with the Management Graduates’ of SMVDU Ms. Neha Maheshwari is alumnus of School of Business (MBA Batch 2004-06). She shared with the students the hardships and mistakes one made in his/her early stages of career when join the corporate and the lessons learns from those mistakes. She emphasised the students to build a strong network of relationships using various social media platforms to succeed in the practical world with the help of realistic examples. Ms. Maheshwari recommended the students to start their career from ground level in that case they will be in better position to learn practicalities of corporate and can excel in life. She also accentuated the importance of grooming one self and advised the students to create their first impression as most effective. She acquainted the students regarding the pre-requisites for corporate readiness and also gave tips to the students for appearing in the interview; resume writing and technical issues associated with it. She talked about the four pre-requisites of corporate readiness on the part of students including relevance knowledge, resume writing, network building and personal grooming. She discussed with the students the things one should keep in mind as one enters into professional world. The prominent alumnus advised the students to use this period of life very productively and constructively and emphasised that struggles of this time will give them fruits in the long run. Ms. Neha while addressing the queries advised the students to acquire the professional competencies and prepare for the future beforehand as future is going to be completely changed one. Dr. Saurabh, Head, School of Business expressed his gratitude to Ms. Neha for the valuable inputs given by her to the students to get themselves prepare for the corporate challenges. While concluding the session, Dr. Jyoti Sharma, Associate Professor, SoB and Moderator expressed her satisfaction regarding the growth of alumni of School of Business and wished Ms. Neha Maheshwari all the best for her future endeavours.



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