06062020 jyotiWeb

Webinar Session on ‘Strategies for Effective Leadership’ held at School of Business, SMVDU

06062020 jyotiWeb

Webinar talk of Ms. Aditi Vasandi, Branch Head, AU Small Finance Bank in Jammu was held with budding managers of School of Business, SMVD University. She enlightned the budding managers regarding the seven secrets of inspiring leaders. Sharing real-life experiences, she highlighted the importance of invitting participation from followers using multiple modes by effective leaders. She underlined that leaders need to have confidence in his/her abilities/capabilities along with confidence on the talent and capabilities of team members. She attributed optimisation as the key for effective leadership which has multiplier effect. The queries of students were handled by Ms.Vasandi to the level of fulfilment of students. The session was coordinated by Dr. Jyoti Sharma, Associate Professor,School of Business while concluding Dr. Jyoti Sharma, expressed gratidue on behalf of School of Business to Ms. Vasandi for stiring up the minds of budding managers with her practical experiences. Dr.Jyoti admired Ms. Aditi for her success achieved in his career due to her dedication, devotion, hardwork and consistent performance behaviour. Students asked many queries relating to the motivation strategies a leader should use to motivate his/her followers, how a leader should give feedback to the followers, etc. all the queries were handled by Ms. Vasandi to the satisfaction level of the students. It is pertinent to menetion that Ms.Vasandi has been graduated in business adminstration in the first batch from the School of Business and contributing towards the alme matter since a long time.



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