13092022 yoga

Weeklong Yoga Session Program Begins

13092022 yoga

As a sound body lives in a sound mind, NSS SMVDU started regular yoga sessions for students, faculty and staff members. Yoga sessions are scheduled from Monday to Friday for the week from 6-7 AM. The week-long program aims to sensitise people towards the comprehensive nature of yoga towards life and well-being. The yoga instructor of these sessions is Shri Gurmel ji, a trained in yoga, and practices it every day. He informed students about the benefits of yoga for the body and mind before starting with the asanas. He initiated them into yoga through simple and easy Sukshma Kriyas, Asanas and Pranayams. More than 100 participants performed different yoga asanas during the session. NSS Programme Coordinator, Dr. Rajiv Kumar, appreciated the efforts of Shri Gurmel ji and NSS volunteers.



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