18032018 yogasession1

Yoga sessions begin at SMVDU

18032018 yogasession1

SMVDU Katra: NSS along with Yoga and Fitness Club at SMVD University is jointly organizing yoga sessions, to continue for more than a month. It started on Saturday, March 17, 2018 and is open for all the residents of the campus, which includes faculty, staff and students. All these sessions are going to be held on weekends and holidays that will enable one and all to participate in them. The program aims to sensitise people towards comprehensive nature of yoga towards life and well-being. The yoga instructor of these sessions is Shri Gurmel who himself is a well-qualified& trained in yoga, and practices it regularly. He informed students about the benefits of yoga for the body and mind before starting with the asanas. He initiated them into yoga through simple and easy sukshma kriyas, asanas and pranayams. The session concluded with laughter exercise, which students enjoyed the most. Mr. Sumanta Sarathi Sharma, Faculty Coordinator, NSS, was present during the session and the session was coordinated by Mr. Aman and Mr. Dhanraj (both student coordinators, NSS). Dr. Sanjeev Jain, Vice-Chancellor, SMVDUniversity, is the inspiration behind the organization of suchprogram, who not only emphasized the need for such a program for young students but also wants his faculty and staff to participate and get benefitted.



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